Call Me Coach (please...)
Chris Erskine of the LA Times commented; "To this day, “Coach” is the best thing anyone has ever called me." The human language has four to six titles that remain the highest compliments another can bestow on you. Our English/Caucasian culture, but four. Mom, Dad, Doc, Coach are the four remaining greetings that bestow honor. HI Mom, Hi Dad are narrow in their focus and "come with the territory." Hi Doc and Hi Coach have to be earned. I considered this fact just two days ago. In trying to master a new game a very fine player took me under his wing. By the end of the drills, he was no longer "Mike" to me. He was now "Coach." I saw how he enjoyed his new name. It reminded me of how I felt when my "players" called me by the same. I miss those days of coaching. But I'm still filled to the brim when a past teammate stops me with "HI Coach." I see how my Father's life is filled with younger friends he had on his teams. And how each reserves a very special place in their hearts for him. Many if not most of my friends here on Linkedin are coaches. Enjoy your days of working with "students/players/athletes." I can promise your efforts are appreciated. PS. The Asian culture has two more titles, Uncle and Auntie. I wish I had a way to address my Father's and Mother's peers with a graceful, endearing title like this. For me, it will always be Mr. or Mrs. with my parent's friends. Mr. and Mrs. are too common, but they're the best we have.