The Coachella Valley "The Arabs" Girls Tennis Team has won it's first Divisional Title in the school's history. The Arab's are 10-0 in League play and 16-1 overall with two matches this week. Coach Susan Davis led this group of athletes to their best season ever. SanSoleil celebrates their efforts. (Plus rewarded them with these UV 50 SanSoleil tops!) To Enter Your Team Click Here: Team Play Championship Contest Rules: SanSoleil 2018/2019 Win Your League and Win SanSoleil Contest. 1. Entry Form must be completed by Team Members. 2. Entry Form must be completed prior to season start. 3. Entry Form must contain the list of team member names. No names to be added after the season is over. 4. For League Play beginning November 2018 Through June 2019. 5. No Gimme's, mulligans or do-overs. 6. Have fun kak. PS. SanSoleil's Team Play Collections are the Perfect blend of Function and Style. SanSoleil's Team Play Collections consist of Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve, Sleeveless Tops plus Capris and Skorts. We have a Team Play Expert Ready to Help. Click Here for More Information: SanSoleil Team Play