Debunking the myths of skin-cancer

  •  Avoiding the sun will result in Vitamin D Deficiency; A review of over 1000 medical studies reveals that the great majority of Americans more than enough Vitamin D from their diets.Yogurt, eggs, milk and fish all contain Vitamin D.If a blood test shows Vitamin D deficiency, a Vitamin D supplement is smarter solution than excessive amounts of sunshine.

  • Salon UV Nail Dryers are skin-cancer risks;  Most experts now see UV Drying Lamps as a skin-cancer risk. The Archives of Dermatology have documented cases of women with no pre-disposition to skin-cancer developing cancerous cells on their hands.These cells are a possible result of UV Nail Lamp use.

  •  Tanning Beds may double the risk of Melanoma Skin Cancer; Stay away. Period.

  • Skin Cancer has an indicator gene; A study by the University of Cincinnati shows the abnormal functioning of the gene MC1R, a gene which governs pigmentation, may make skin cells more prone to UV Rays.This discovery may enable doctors predict patients likelihood of developing cancer